Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Simple black french...

- Konad image plate m45 (a very cute french plate, I like the most the polka dots), konad silver and black polish
- for the base I've used Rimmel Whitener (I think it's a base coat too, or no?), I've searched from Rimmel the base coat Stronger, but I didn't find it, so... (anyway Rimmel Whitener it is good if your nails are a little yellow).

Konad image plate m45 (modele foarte faine pentru french si efectul este mai fain decat la un french normal). Silver Konad polish (de ieri este a mea, am facut schimb cu prietena mea cu o masca de par). Konad black polish (este foooarte opaca).

2 comentarii:

Trincess said...

great idea! might copy it one of these days, I'm thinking of sitting down and finally mastering m19 =/

Paige said...

Very pretty!