Friday, July 2, 2010

Stylish blogger Award...

 Karen D from Frazzle and Aniploish tagged me with this beautiful award! Thank you for your sweet intention!
Check her blog if you want to see nail polish swatches and more than that!

The rules:
- list 5 random things about yourself 
- pass this award onto 5 other bloggers

About me:
1. I've meet my boyfriend 7 years ago in a bus station, and at the end of the our first date guess wath he said: "please call me" - I was totally shocked :)) By the way he is musician/singer and is very hard for me, when he is far away to sing at weedings, party, but I think if I love him, I must understand him and I must trust in him.
I've made this a long time ago for him:

2. Guess my natural color hair >>> RED, when I was a little school girl (they said I'm a vixen), I hated it, I was wearing a cap each day, no matter of the season (in summer too).

3. I'm a perfectionist, when I am doing something, sometimes I consume myself too much for nothing. My english is at a low level (in the school I've learned french and italian) and I can't take it!!! After the examens I want to take english learning courses...

4. I'm relly stressed now, beause I have so much to learn, I'll begin the final examens at 2 august, I have just 1 month for learning, I see just stress, stress everywhere!!! And because I was the first(the best) student in my class and in my school too, they have huge expectation from me, and this is a plus stress. And now for the huge prolactin I need to take some orribile medicine with terrible side effects: I can't concentrate, my memory is at a very low level, I have nausea all the many others...

5. When I've "meet" the konad system just then has begin my nail polish obsession, before that>>>
It's not wow...:)))

Now passing to 5 blogs:
Andayn - if you want to see amazing freehand nail arts
Kory_nails - another super talented lady
G3n1nha - konad and fauxned designs, very creative designs
Olmi - creative nail arts freehand and konad

And this is not a blog, is a webpage, I found it yesterday, If you want inspiration to creat konad designs:
A huge konad gallery CLICK HERE!

2 comentarii:

Unknown said...

thanx for the link to the konad nail will be great for ideas!

congrats on the award.

kory_nails said...

ms bunny bucur pt premiu:* si de asemenea linku cu konad e foarte mijto:D