Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hi! I want to show you an amazing eyeshadow-blush-lipgloss palette!
I love-love-love it!
This week each day I'll be testing it (and I'll post a look with it). But you know, I'm not a pro, I'm just a beginner, so please don't judge me too hard :).  However, I need some good brushes, cause it's really irritating to work with some cheap cosmetic brushes ...

You can get it here for only 16,99 euros!  The shipping charge is 2 euros international. Will be a huge sale (20% off on every single product) on this site: starst wednesday, Nov 22nd, ends Nov 23!!!

First impressions: 
- the eyeshadows are really smooth, and not powdery.
- the lipglosses have a brilliant shine
- you get some peachy and pinky blushes (and there is also a darker color for contouring or filling your brows)
- the 4 beautiful highlights are really pigmented

I think this kit is excellent for travelling, you have everything that you need in this lovely palette.
Here are the swatches:
 It's cute, I'm right?

 Click on the pictures for better view

Swatch:1-2 row (without primer)
  Swatch: 2-3 row (without primer)

And a quick look with this palette.

Tomorrow I'll make some swatches about the lipglosses, highlights and blushes.

Pentru cititorii din Romania:
- transportul e foarte rapid, dureaza circa max. 2 saptamani sau chiar si mai putin (10 zile, inclusiv cele nelucratoare)
- trusa a fost foarte bine ambalata, nu a suferit nicio zgarietura pe durata transportului
- preturile sunt foarte accesibile, si sunt multe promotii

Puteti accesa site-ul AICI.

(disclaimer: the product was sent to me free for review purposes, however I am not affiliated with the company, all my points are my honest opinion)

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