Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thanks for the gift!

Subflava gave this gift to me!
Thank you very much !!!
7 facts about me:
- 1. I love my teddy bear so much, he is everything for me!
- 2. I love Konad, it's my obsession, and when I go to shopping, I must buy at least 3-5 new nail polishes.
- 3. My other obsession: clothes. I have many-many clothes, and some times I even don't know where to put them! Maybe I will take some pictures in the future.
- 4. I like to read, specially adventures books: whit treasures, secret islands...
- 5. I like much-much-much Korean movies: Boys over flowers(the no 1 for me in my life, and the soundtrack is like a dream), but is also like Twilight and New moon, Keith, A walk to remember
- 6. My favorite band is SS501(Love like this, Ur man, Because I'm stupid, Making a lover and many others) a Korean pop band, I also like(korean) SHINee- Stand by me, Jisun - What Do I do, Byeolbinnoonmool - Kim Yoo Kyung(my FAVORITE), A'ST1-Yearning of the heart...
- 7. I'm talented in painting(this is why my name is PG-paintinggirl), I regret why I haven't go to art school, and I also like to sing.

Sorry for my english, I only learned French, Dutch and Italian ...  I learned English thanks to movies...

I also wanna tag:
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Polish y Mas said...

Thanks for tagging me Sweety!!
I'll try to make my post soon....