Saturday, January 30, 2010

Best Blog Award...

Yardsticks 4 Lunatics from has give this beautiful gift to me! Thank you for tagging me!

Yardsticks 4 Lunatics de pe mi-a oferit acest frumos cadou! Multumesc ca m-ai ales!


The rules for the award are as follows:

1. To accept the award, you must post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted you the award, and a link to their blog.

2. Pass the award on to approximately 10-15 other blogs that you recently discovered and think are great!

3. Contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
I 've discovered recently this blogs:

Polish Pixie: 
Romika, my latest discovered blog:

6 comentarii:

LacquerObsession said...

awww thanks!! :)

Anček said...

thanx for the award! =)

Sanna said...

Thanks for this award! You made my day :)

Polish Hoarder said...

Thanks for tagging me :)

Karianne said...

Thank you for tagging me! :)

Anonymous said...

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